About Dr Suzanne Blackwell

Dr Suzanne Blackwell is a clinical and forensic psychologist with a PhD in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology. She is registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board with a Clinical Scope of Practice.

In 2016 she was elected a Fellow of the New Zealand Psychological Society, and is a Full Member of The Institute of Clinical Psychology, and The Institute of Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology. In 2011, she was awarded the Ballin Award by the New Zealand Psychological Society for significant contribution to the development and enhancement of clinical psychology in New Zealand. She is an Honorary Research Fellow/Academic at the School of Psychology, University of Auckland.

In addition to private practice consultation she has in the past worked within mental health, forensic and university settings. She was previously Senior Psychologist, then Consultant Psychologist to the Ministry of Justice until 1995, and was involved in assessment and treatment of sexual and violent offenders.

She has in the past provided risk assessments and psychological reports on sexual and other offenders for defence counsel. She is a specialist assessor for the Medical Council of New Zealand, and heads the council’s Sexual Misconduct Assessment Team.

She has for many years assessed and treated children and adults with child sexual abuse histories. In this area she has provided expert evidence for juries in criminal trials involving charges of sexual offending against children and adults. Currently her work includes expert opinions for use in courts and tribunals (in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific), and research. She provides expert opinions for both the prosecution and defence, and advises on pre-trial and trial matters.

Dr Blackwell is no longer available for consultation or ongoing therapy for individual clients. She is no longer available to undertake assessments of individuals for sentencing or other legal proceedings, but is available for case consultation with lawyers on the basis of documentation only.

In all her work, Dr Blackwell is required to maintain adherence to the Code of Ethics for Psychologists working in Aotearoa New Zealand and, where relevant, to the High Court Rules, Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses.

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